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The information requested on this form is required by Ashore Sailing, Fairview Sailing, Sailing Logic and your course instructor for the reasons stated in our Purpose Statement at the bottom of this form.

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Sailing qualifications and experience

state type of boat or boats, tidal or non tidal and approximate miles if known

Health & Fitness Declaration

I declare to the best of my knowledge that I am not suffering from epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, dizzy spells, angina or any other heart condition or disability and I am fit to participate in UK sailing

If you suffer from any of the above conditions it will not necessarily prevent you from taking part in this sailing event; however it is important that we are aware of crew members’ medical history and any potential problems. If you are unsure of your fitness please ask your GP for advice.

Dietary Requirements

GDPR Agreement

Purpose Statement

For Contractual and Legitimate reasons we require some personal information from you. We collect the minimum required to complete your course booking. The personal information we collect and store is to enable us to effectively communicate to you, course details, joining instructions, issuing invoices, certificates and to facilitate general two way communications between yourself and us to ensure the smooth running of your course. The period of time we keep this information depends on the course or courses you have chosen and the requirements placed on us by the RYA for the retention of proper records, ie the award of RYA certificates and storing SRC exam papers for RYA audit. We only share your information with third parties that need it, e.g. The RYA for record keeping, the RYA Training Centre running your practical course or your course instructor. At any time you can request to see what information of yours we hold. You can also request to have that information deleted from our records.

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