Ashore Sailing Gift Voucher


Choose the value of the Ashore Sailing Gift Voucher and we will email it to your chosen recipient


Buy an Ashore Sailing Gift Voucher

When you buy an Ashore Sailing Gift Voucher enter the email address of the person who is to receive your Gift Voucher. You will have the option of including a message. Once payment is received your Gift Voucher will be delivered straight to your nominated recipients’ email inbox.

The recipient can redeem their Gift Voucher at Ashore Sailings’ online shop where it will be credited against their chosen purchase.

After making a purchase, if there is any surplus (ie Gift Voucher value £100.00 – purchase value £75.00), this surplus value will remain on the Gift Voucher for further purchases at the Ashore Sailing online shop.

Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or any other goods that are not displayed on the Ashore Sailing online shop.

Ashore Sailing Gift Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase.